The National Geographic Traveler photo contest served up some of the most amazing images to date. Check them out.


Those looking for ways to save in retirement often look South — way South — and the best places to retire in South America are looking better these days.


If you’re on vacation, sometimes the last thing you want is to feel rushed, and these top vacation spots for beaches are perfect for relation and lazy days.

best small towns in europe bibury

When considering where to retire, there’s always that dream of taking off to Europe and buying a villa somewhere in Tuscany, or perhaps a cottage in England.

Malawi, Nr Dedza, Khulungira village

The 2014 Best Countries to Visit list ranks some places you’ve always wanted to go and ones you’ve never thought you’d enjoy.


Popular travel guidebook Lonely Planet has published its annual list of Best Places to Visit and there are some great cities included that are tops to explore.


If you consider all the creepy places around (from New Orleans to Savannah), these haunts make great destinations for those looking for a Halloween thrill.


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